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Mark E

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Whats his beef with Schafer? Schafer has been involved with some of the greatest adventure games ever. If its personell than ok whatever but the man has made some GREAT games and thats all I care about. My advice to Gilbert. Quit blogging and make a game. And no not another Monkey Island game.

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Either way, Gilbert's thoughts on adventure games and their status/design/gameplay etc are quite fascinating. Considering he helped make LucasArts into the company it was (well, it isn't anymore :P) and all.


I will say that his chip for Schafer does seem to be extremely huge ;). Not that it bugs me, both are amazingly good designers in their own right.

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I've become an avid and regular reader of Ron's blog since I posted this a while back. The man is bitter yet insightful and I'm pretty sure he is cognisant of the former, but maybe not the latter ;).


Anyway, he breaks down the trials behind developing a new 2D adventure game (theoretical only, he's NOT doing it sadly, it's just a thought exercise) in his latest entry. It's good for those of you who want a general primer into the industry and game costs, etc etc. Good read.


Ron Gilbert on Adventure Gaming Designing Thing


Oh, and the Grumpy Gamer comics are funny too.

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