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I have them all now....


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I was in Future Shop (Canadian Best Buy) at lunch to pick up Chicago on DVD. I saw some kid at the till buying himself a PS2. I felt kind of envious, although I'm not exactly sure why. I decided to take a wander over to the video game section and see what else was new. One of the guys that works there was stocking the little lock cabinet with a couple of blue, PS2 boxes. I started talking with him, and he began extolling the virtues of same system. Long story short...I bought one. I bought Jak and Daxter as well, because I heard it was good, and cheap!! :D I'm going to do some research online, and see what games tickle my fancy. Silent Hill 3 is looking very good right now.


I'd appreciate hearing a short list of some Sony must haves. Thanks for allowing me glow a bit...I have all 3 systems now. No matter what comes out, I'm good to go!


I really am too cool now.... 8)

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Go here:




Cheap and and a majority of those titles are of excellent quality. (Devil May Cry and Maximo should be tops:))


On a personal note I would recommend (thats not on the list above) Contra Shattered Soldier, ZOE 2nd Runner, ICO, Mark of Kri, Rygar, Shinobi (hard as hell but fun) and if you can find it Rez (you may have the DC version) and Klonoa Lunatia's Veil.


Of course Silent Hill 3 as well but your already set on that one :wink:

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If you haven't already played Virtua Tennis, then Sega Sports Tennis is worth a try, I love it.


WRC is a really fun rally game, should be cheap too.


If you're deeply into racing games, World of Outlaws Sprintcars is a very intense and very overlooked game (also quite hard).


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is also a blast, and best experienced on the PS2.

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Well, count me in as well, I've been a multi-console gamer and high-tech sucker for the bulk of my life. I've had as many as four systems hooked up all at once, decided the madness needed to end, and then attempted to whittle myself down to just one system. Problem is, as a result I become gasp, a fanboy, arrrggghhhh!! The horror, the horror.


Descending to fanboy rationalizations as to why that great game on the other systems is fatally flawed and how all the reviewers are obviously biased fanboys of that platform. I can't believe I've actually stooped this low and for so long.


Caved in earlier last year and bought the gc about the time metroid prime rolled along. This system sees the least amount of playtime from me. Not enough inexpensive titles for the gc in Canada. The players choice series or whatever nintendo calls their version of greatest hits titles is a very steep $49.99 up here. To me that's crazy to be asking those prices for older titles like Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion, Eternal Darkness and others. Still, the waverbird wireless controller rocks, the gameboy player opens up the gameboy advance lineup to non-gba owners and nintendo if nothing else still manages to create some unique fare.


I had a ps2, became disenchanted as a result of the dreaded DDE syndrome that so many launch units suffered from. But, a number of recent titles have swayed me back over to sony. VF4 EVO and its vf arcade mode complete with blocky characters and original stage music, how cool is that? Ape Escape 2. The original Ape Escape was the best nintendo game nintendo never made, IMO. Unlike the xbox, which has seen delay after delay of big titles this holiday season, the ps2 actually looks like it's going to deliver on promised titles. Maybe the games aren't as ambitious, perhaps the programmers and designers don't bite off more than they can chew, whatever the reason, a final product is what matters and not the endless hype with fanboys clicking into the latest vid stream, screenies, series of articles, designer diaries, etc. I just want to play this stuff, not obsess about the possibilities.


I'll be picking up an online bundle from EB Canada, it's only $30 more than the regular ps2 and comes with two free games, Everquest Online Adventures, and ATV Off-Road Fury 2, I think it's called. Not my two games of choice, but hey, they're free. I'll also pick up the extended warranty, which is great for replacing that broken controller or dealing with DDE syndrome. Also, for replacing the unit with one of the newer models should sony ever release them.


I know a lot of people who think it's foolish to buy a system now with the talk of next-gen systems. But those are at least a good 2 years away, and 2 years is an eternity in gamer time.

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