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My PGR2 live experance

Rob B

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In unusal event last night I had a great experiance online.

This is what went down.


I got to play with about 12 people last night ,12 people who; like me did not care to much about points or winning individually. Thats the hook not winning individually. We played Co-op, in a cat and mouse style it was really quite fun and addictive. This may be old news to some of you but here's how it works.


1. the group is broken into groups of 4 with 3 in each group.


2. one person in the group plays as a Mini Cooper.


3. the other two play as faster cars, for example a Ford Gt, Ferrari or something along that line.


4. the people on the same team are all the same color car like Yellow


5. Next comes the fun part. The goal is for your team to get their Mini across the line first.


6. you do that by any means possible, like smashing into the other team with the faster cars so the mini can jet by spinning out the other minis, and Giving your mini bosts on straight aways by ramming him or pushing them.


Thats about it as I said above very fun. I don't know if this has been around for while or came up recently to breath new life into the game but man :tu:

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This mode has been around for awhile, but I agree it is very fun to play :tu:


I still have PGR 2 and enjoy playing it, but there isn't as many people playing as their used to be since some of the newer driving games have come out. Maybe we can get together for a game or two.




I don't think I have you on my friends list, so I'll send you a friends request :D

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