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New Sony Harddrive Mp3 Player


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Don't know if any of you guys know already, but Sony is going to release a new harddrive mp3 player.




30 Hours of battery life, and very small. quite impressive, but it holds a hefty price.


There's also a new Dell Harddrive Mp3 player that also looks quite nice.




20 Hours Battery life, and very cheap!


Looks like the iPod's got some competition!


On a side note- Considering both of these players are around the same size as an iPod, and have almost or over twice the battery life of even an improved iPod, I seriously start to wonder if Apple is trying to cheat people with their weak batteries.

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The new Zen Touch by Creative Labs looks really nice as well. It's only availalbe in a 20 gig model, but there are rumors of a 60gig variety in the works. The other new Zen models allow you to easily replace the battery if it goes bad, not sure about this one. My older model Zen recharges by USB, imagine this one does too.

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Aug 21 2004, 01:32 PM

Is that Sony the one that got slammed pretty hard by C|Net? Crippled by DRM, IIRC.

Yep, and slammed by the WSJ, I believe. It converts everything you put onto it to ATRAC, it got panned for it's UI, and it's expensive.


Sony was also criticized for advertising some absurd capacity in terms of number of songs, I think it was like 30,000 or something...but the fine print said if they were encoded at 48kbps!!


I'm holding out for the 60GB iPod.

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Not only does the Sony player cost more than all of the competition, it won't play MP3 unless you convert it to ATRAC. Two lossy compression cycles? No thanks! Never recompress an already lossy file. And it takes HOURS to load this player up with MP3 files due to the extra compression. I can load my Rio Karma with native MP3 in 15 minutes (20GB), and normal syncs to update a few albums only takes a minute or so.

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cnet.com review of Polaroid Juke Jam

The good: Excellent interface; big display; flexible playback options; FM/voice/line-in recording.

The bad: Massive; short battery life; easy-to-jostle controls; limited file organization; poor FM reception; noisy radio and voice recording; no dedicated controls for Hold or volume.

The bottom line: Outstanding usability and solid audio quality don't overcome this player's long list of shortcomings.

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