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Settlers of Catan

Robot Monkey

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Phew, dusted this baby off :)


http://www.catanonline.com reports that the game is going to drop on December 20th.


Anybody else going to pick this up? I'd love to head onto MSN for a few games (post-holidays for me as this is going to be a brutal time wiht all the company stuffed into my place :P) and the tourneys.


Screenshots here, very serviceable and non-cluttered, which I like. I LOVE the look of the trading interface.



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Originally posted by Snakefish@Dec 20 2004, 11:48 AM

How does one play this version? Buy it in a store and then play it on MSN, or ???


I used to play on the MSN zone way back. I remember they had games you had to buy separately and some you could d/l online. Which is this?




Looks like there's a free tutorial and free single-player trial. $30 a year for online play.


Gonna check it out now...


EDIT: It's not quite ready. None of the links to play the game work yet. I just made the obvious guess to find that URL. Guess we're not supposed to go there yet :)

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Works, though I got an exception error halfway through the demo game.


Fantastic job on dressing up the board game though, very nice UI. The computer players are very slow in making trades though, but the trade interface is one of the best I've seen in computer versions of Catan.


Nice little tune that plays during the game too. Very impressed. Whether I'll pay $30 to play it for a year remains to be seen, but I may be swayed by the promise of tournaments :tu:.

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