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Fifa Online World Cup on Xbox Live


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I ask because there is not a single mention of PES4 for North America and it is not listed on any U.S. retail site as coming in the future. I hope it does, but I am not seeing any favorable indications.

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Im not a big fan of watching soccer. But i do enjoy playing the games. Should be a lot of fun


[looking around] Did I just say that!


I don't care to watch soccer by any means, but put it on a television screen and put a controller in my hands and I'll whittle away the day. :) I would vary much enjoy a soccer game that's Live enabled! And two would be better! ;)

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I am an Everton fan and rejoiced as they took a point away from Old Trafford on Monday. I watched a tape delay of the game on FSW and was very pleasantly surprised to see the Blues outhustling United for 90+ minutes.


I sure hope it hits the U.S. or is region-free as Brian suggested.

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Ooh, goody! A Live game that I can rinse until getting bored and dumping it, just before you lot get a chance to join in. Makes a change...




PES4 didn't even manage to make the shortlist of games I'm almost buying over in general, though. However, if my brother gets on it, then that would change!

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