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I found this in a thread at the Arstechnica forums, it's a plug-in for Mail.app called Mail.appetizer, it's very simple, when a new email arrives (if you're not in Mail.app), mail.appetizer opens a small translucent window with a preview of the first few sentences of it. It's almost invisible until you roll the mouse over it, when it darkens and becomes readable.




If more than one email arrived, you can click on the window and it will flip to the next one, if you click the title of the email it opens the email in Mail.app.


I tried it out expecting to be bothered by the box popping up, because I get a heck of a lot of email, but it's really quite unobtrusive and it's nice to flip through your messages without leaving the app you're in, and if there's an important message about Jennifer Garner's relationship status, you can open it in Mail.app and respond right away.

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