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Stuttering Songs on My iPod


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Hello all. I didn't want to derail Obnoxious' thread, but if you think this post would be better served there... then by all means stick it in there.


I posted my problem on the Apple discussion boards, so I'm just gonna cut and paste and hope for the best. To summarize, songs on my iPod skip and stutter and eventually stop if they are being played while the iPod is being charged. What the hell? Thanks...


All my songs in iTunes are either encoded with Apple Lossless or have been purchased from the iTMS. When played through iTunes, I have zero problems with all tracks. When played on my iPod through headphones, I have zero problems with all tracks. When played through my iPod while on its Dock, or through my car's ice>Link, tracks often stutter or flat out stop playing. I have not been able to see a consistent trend as far as which specific songs, or which bit rate is failing more often. The problem seems entirely random because it seems to affect most songs.


I've tried restoring my iPod with the latest software. I've tried different Settings combinations (turning off everything from the Backlight to the Time in Menu option). But nothing stops the madness. Any suggestions?

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