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Canadian Brothers, hear my plea!


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It was with frothing excitement that I discovered that The Tea Party, one of my very favorite bands, was releasing a new album. It was with shattered dissapointment that I noticed Amazon wanted over $30 US for the import.


Is there any possibility of asking one of our Canadian members to purchase it for me, ship it, and be reimbursed all costs? I'm under the assumption, of course, that after conversion the price wouldn't be much more than I would pay domestically for a standard release.


Would any of you be willing to do some research? I must have this album, but not at $32.00 plus shipping.



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Looks like amazon.ca has it for $12.99 CDN ($9.93 US), and they ship to the US. :green:


I used to order DVD's from amazon.ca all the time when the US dollar was stronger, got Band of Brothers for around $50 shipped that way. Keep in mind your credit card company might have like a 1-3% currency conversion surcharge.

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I appreciate that, Sam.


I'm going to put the purchase off for a couple of weeks. The reason is that I decided to preorder the new Bjork and get a book for my wife so that the price met the free shipping mark.


Who knows...I might get bored enough at work tomorrow to order it anyway.

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