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HELP!!! stuck in Syberia...


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ok. i'm in the room in the train with the empty shelves and pedestal, and whenever i try to walk out of the room to the front of the train, i walk out of the door, but then as soon as the next screen loads, i immediately and automatically walk back into the room i just left.....


am i missing something? or is this a glitch in the game and i'm just screwed?


can anyone help me?



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thats happened alot to me, I've learned as you start getting close to an area that the frame has to change the character will move on its own, If your still holding lets say left on the controller and the frame changes and reverses you will need to push right to keep her moving in the same direction but by then shes going back.


Just let go of the direction pad and let her finish the move, you should be ok then.

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