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Goldeneye DS = Goldeneye 64

heavy liquid

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Goldeneye DS is based on the classic multi-million N64 hit.


It will allow multiplayer between 8-16 players at a time, possibly even allowing for wi-fi internet play.


It is unknown if the game is being built from scratch or based on the original engine.


Dunno if this is true, but Goldeneye was one of my favorite multiplayer games, so I'd be REALLY happy if this pans out... Don't know how this would play without an analog stick, though... :(

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I thought that


1) EA have the GoldenEye license now, not Rare.


2) The GE team at Rare have all moved on to either Free Radical or Zoonami anyway.


3) Since the DS merely has 'similar' power, and not the same codebase (take a look at the reduced poly count on the Mario64 demo), a straight port would be very non-trivial.

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