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Jumping Flash


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I'm with Beer Monkey - it's a great, great game that's criminally ignored for its pioneering perspective & design. Big fan of this. The sequel lost a little of its charm design-wise from what I can remember of it, focusing on corridors more. There was at least one more sequel that was essentially a means to download lots of Rabbit themed minigames to the PocketStation. I have a demo of it but no PocketStation to use with it.

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Not to inflame anything, but many people (including myself) consider this to be the true first 3D platformer.


I don't know...the 1st person perspective kind of takes it out of the "platform" genre for me. I think Rise of the Triad almost as close in terms of being a first person platformer. Of course, it was more a FPS with heavy platform elements.


Good game though. I loved the vertigo feeling jumping sometimes induced.

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