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Okay BruceCheese I am calling you out (ESPN)


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Originally posted by LupinLives@Aug 25 2004, 01:21 PM

I may have peeked in your window, but you stole my smiley...so in front of alll these people..I am challenging you...one game...ESPN...The Smiley Bowl...the winner keeps his smiley avatar..the loser has to take an avatar provided by the winner...whadda ya say ya cheeser?

Look...Look.....its gone, I'm so sorry I dont know what I was thinking diving into your smiley universe. I promise Mr. Lives that will never happen again. I dont except your challenge to a game as you are far superior. :thud:

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Originally posted by LupinLives@Aug 25 2004, 02:21 PM

mod please remove this now very unfunny challenge

While a mods job is to do just that, remove unnecessary posts, it's also our members responsibility to read the Forum Guidelines. As you'll notice, item #3 says...


Spamming or bombing forums or threads with pointless posts is not permitted. This includes creating more than one topic with the same content.


The biggest problem here is that the post was made in the Xbox Live forum, a forum where games are scheduled. In the future please consider which forum would be best suited for the topic.


Thread closed.

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