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Finally chose an avatar

General Zot

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It's my own customized version of Mr. Yuk, the Poison Control Center's mascot. The point was to plaster the stickers all over household products and teach kids that "Mr. Yuk means no!", that they shouldn't put it in their mouths.


It must have worked because I had several toys named Mr. Yuk and was even nicknamed "yuk" in high school.

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I've always liked your avatar blackcalx, very unique, it conveys a sense personality.


Snakefish, yours is 8) Halo2, how can you go wrong!


And GreenMonkey, although I don't know what it's from, your avatar is cool too. Almost biblical, sort of artistic, and definately unique.


:tu: All

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Black wins for dedication to his avatar. I like MC and all, but not tatooing him (or his game's release date :D ) on my arm anytime soon.


Green - Where did you pull that avatar from? Looks somewhat like a D&D pictoral, someone that would hang with Drizzt or the like.


merlot - I love that movie. I wish my 3 yr old wasn't scared by Bruce, because that's one I could stand to watch 20-30 times. Seagulls are by far the best part. I haven't heard one call since that I don't think "Mine?" in my head.

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Originally posted by iainl@Aug 27 2004, 02:48 AM

Mine just seemed obvious, really - I like the colour, and when the board went all Orange it was destiny. Should the place go all purple suddenly, I guess I'll have to change it, though...

Or if you decided to change your name from iainl.


It's a liability, that avatar! ;)

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Aug 27 2004, 12:36 PM

I think my longest running avatar was the creepy Miss Piggy/Kermit one. I just didn't know how to follow it up.

I think some of us are glad... :shock:


[EDIT] Well, glad you didn't try to top it I should say.

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As some of you have no doubt noticed, I am in the habit of changing my avatar, too. I like to use it to reflect the game(s) I'm playing at the moment. Lately, though, I haven't been playing a lot of new stuff (going through old games I've already beaten) so that's why I have the Metroid silhouette right now. That should change next month though, as more fall and holiday titles start making their way into stores. I already have one ready to go for Pikmin 2, Silent Hill 4, and Sly 2: Band of Theives.

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Where's that animated avatar of MC Hammer (with horrible edge enhancement)? That was hiliarious!


I also change mine periodically but I kind of like the way this current one (GIR off Invader Zim) looks next to the orange username. Hopefully the the LCVG crew don't change the site's colour scheme. :green:

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