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Nintendo's Q4 Lineup


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You can check out the lineups for both the GameCube and Game Boy Advance at Nintendo's website.


Overall, it's not a bad list, but it is a bit on the light side (at least for the GameCube). Must-haves for me include Metroid Prime 2 and Viewtiful Joe 2. Depending on how things go for me, I may also swing for Mario Party 6 and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. I'm not a big fan of RPGs, but I do like the ones involving the Marioverse (both Super Mario RPG and Mario & Luigi: SuperStar Saga were great fun). If I didn't have an Xbox, I'd probably also get Prince of Persia. Oh well...


Anyway, this may be a bit off-topic for this forum, but I do find it interesting that there is no mention of a lineup for the Nintendo DS. It is, after all, set to launch this year supposedly sometime in November. Methinks we'll be seeing that very soon. At least we had better if Nintendo wants to have a successful launch.

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