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What the heck does this mean...?

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Originally posted by Sherbz@Aug 29 2004, 07:53 AM

IIRC, Whom replaces and (sic):P object, while who replaces a subject. For example: Whom are you talking to? vs Who is talking to you? Few people will notice or care if you misuse who.

That's my understanding as well.

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Or do you have any advice for what to call your in-laws (e.g. Mom/Dad or use their first names)? I never felt comfortable with Mom/Dad or their first names, so you know what I do, I NEVER refer to them directly! I just get around it. I am waiting for us to have a baby so I can just call them grandpa/grandma.


I call 'em by their first names, despite everyone else in the family (direct and married) using "pet" names. Just isn't my style & they deal perfectly fine with my difference.

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