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Burnout 3 Demo


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Have you guys played the Burnout 3 Demo? It's the racing mode where you try to knock cars off the road. Tons of fun, great crashes (as expected) and a fantastic sense of speed.


But there's one very large element missing. I wonder if I'm the only one really missing it: power slides. In a fantasy game this fantastic it shocks me that crazy power slides aren't in the game. Especially considering the speed the game moves you at...hitting a 70 degree turn at what feels like 800 mph would be a LOT more fun if I could slide through the turn. In fact, the lack of a real power slide in this demo makes hitting the sharp turns inaccurate and not fun. Crashing into the walls isn't nearly as interesting as hitting your fellow competitors (especially considering there is little to no environmental damage in this game -another beef I have).


Don't get me wrong...the game is fun and I'm sold on it. I just wonder how much more fun it would have been if they put in a proper power slide. What do they gain, in terms of game design, by leaving power slides out?

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I've been playing the demo for the last two nights Camp and I do agree that a nice easy to pull off, arcade like power slide would have added even more to the fun. You are able to pull off a power slide mind you, by hitting the brakes and cranking the analog stick into the turn, but its suprisingly much more simulation like than expected. (and requires precise timing) Like you I'm also sold on the game regardless. Racking up points doing multiple takedowns is just too damn fun to give up!


I also wanted to mention that the cars feel as though they actually have wieght this time around as opposed to Burnout 2 where they felt kind of like boxes on wheels. Its this exact feeling of wieght that makes the crashes work even better as you can really get a sense of the how much REAL damage you're doing to these vehicles (First time I ran into a pillar at 120mph all I could say was DAAAAAAAAAAAMN!). The physics and sense of speed (as you mentioned Camp) have also been greatly improved over the first and second game.


I can only imagine how much fun this thing is going to be online! I can see the crash modes being ridiculously popular.

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Have you seen the effect they use for very large explosions? I don't think the effect appears in the demo but I've seen it in movies. The screen blacks out for a fraction of a second as if the initial shockwave of the explosion has an effect on your living room. Only after the quick blackout do you get the sight and sounds of the actual explosion. It's a remarkably well done effect.


Also of note in the movies are the F1 cars. These things move at frightening speeds. It's like Wipeout speeds. They're going to be fun.

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I also wanted to mention that the cars feel as though they actually have wieght this time around as opposed to Burnout 2 where they felt kind of like boxes on wheels.


I like the sound of this, Romier, thanks!


About powerslides, hmm too bad. Is there any chance something like that might show up in the final release, is the demo finished code?

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The game has just scored an amazing 9/10 in the new Edge. I'm seriously hyped about this, and its now second only to OutRun2 on my list of driving games coming soon.


Games Central on teletext (page 375 on C4. formerly Digitiser) also gave it 9/10 really reaching for issues that they found bad about the game. They didn't care for the typical EA rock soundtrack and DJ, plus some minor camera quibbles. That's essentially it though.


They got me all excited when they noted the release date as this Friday though, but having checked retailers they're a week ahead of themselves as the 10th of September date seems fixed for the UK. Why does it carry a 'premium price' in the UK though? Every retailer I look to has it up for about ?32, even Amazon, which is a few pounds more than usual.



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Does this game actually have online racing of some kind?


For some reason I thought it just had online scoreboards. I'm still incredibly excited for it either way. The improvement from Burnout 1 to Burnout 2 was so huge and it sounds like they've done it again.

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Burnout 2 had scoreboards, I believe. Burnout 3 has online racing for 1-6 players in these modes:


Burning Lap (time attack)

Grand Prix (3 races)

Elimination (last-place car eliminated)

Face Off (PvP, long track)

Road Rage (destruction derby type)

Crash (100 different intersections, try and destroy as much traffic as possible)

Team Crush and Team Road Rage (co-op modes)

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Originally posted by Covak@Aug 31 2004, 12:31 PM

Damn, I'm about a billion times more excited for the game now that I know this :)

That makes two of us, I had no idea it would have these online modes. I think a copy was just sold.


(this all applies to the Xbox version too, right?)

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