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Video Game chairs


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Another option might be getting a chair you like, then slapping some transducers/bass shakers on them. I sat in one of the Intensors a while back, and I didn't find it too comfortable...Aura Bass Shaker Pro's screwed on to the underside of a nice leather office chair gave better response and was far more comfortable (and less expensive to boot).

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That intensor is pretty close, but looking for one of those small rocker-type chairs for in front of the tv. I'm looking for a gift for my nephews & I think they'd get a kick out of something like this.


BTW: While searching I found an desk chair called the BattleChari. Speakers in the top, subwoofer in the bottom and mouse pads attached to the arm rests. Pretty expensive, but when my job situation clears up I might consider it....

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Originally posted by bickle@Aug 29 2004, 03:27 PM

Something like this rocker chair at Best Buy.

I just bought the AK Rocker at Best Buy, and it is awesome!


I always want to be very close to my screen when playing multiplayer/online games, so before I would just sit on the floor or move furniture around.


Today I went into BB to look around, and they had a couple of these on the floor to try out. I sat in it and had a game or two of Burnout. Sold!


I can bring this in from the garage whenever I play and prop down right in front of the TV. It's BIG, comfortable, rocks, and very sturdy. I just played some split screen and then some Halo 2 campaign while sitting in it, and it performed flawlessly.


It looks silly as hell, but as long as I only use it while gaming, who cares?


Bickle, did you ever find one with speakers like you were looking for?




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It is great sadness that I must report that the AK rocker went back to Best Buy today.


When I assembled it, there was a slight defect on the molding of one of the locking rails that the legs fit into. I didn't think it was a big deal at the time, but as the days went by, the chair kept coming apart on me.


So I took it back to try to exchange for a new one, but they were all out. So I got my credit back and will try again another day.


Anyway, the AK.com website says that the 200 series is coming soon, so maybe I'll wait for that. No details on what it is yet, but maybe it'll be better and worth the wait.




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Originally posted by Beer Monkey@Nov 11 2004, 09:19 PM

I ordered my Aeron today. No more tired back and tush.



Most people love Aeron's, I sat in one for about 8 months at work and it wasn't suited to my body at all. I was sore off and on for the entire 8 months (lower back and shoulders), the arms never worked for me (I could only rest my arms comfortably if I was sitting forward, but not if I was leaning back). I really grew to dislike it a lot, but all (save one other) of my co-workers liked theirs a great deal. I now sit in a fairly cheap office chair and, while it's not exactly the most comfy chair, it feels better than the Aeron did to me.


The one thing I loved about the Aeron is the fabric, it breathes very nicely, you'll never get overheated in it.

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