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Okay this drunk driver story freaked me out..


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That would be one heck of a morning after. How would you feel after waking up and finding out that you drove around drunk with the headless body of your high school buddy for twelve miles?


I bet he either never drinks again or never stops drinking, assuming he is free to do what he wants after this.

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I'm reminded of an accident that happened to a classmate of mine in high school. He was drunk and tearing around the nearby farmlands on a four-wheeler and failed to see the cable stretched between two posts that was being used as a makeshift gate. The cable hit him right below the ribcage then flayed his torso and decapitated him. I only hope it happend quickly enough that he felt little pain before he died.

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Wow, that's terrible. If it's any consolation, I would think that death would be almost instant and if someone is drunk enough to do that then they were drunk enough not to know what hit em either. Like the guy in the article, likely if he felt anything at all he felt an impact and it all went dark a second later. I doubt there was any real pain for him. I've cut/burned myself while drunk and not even known until later (this is more severe, but pain is pain regardless of size.)


The poor guy that was driving though, I don't see how the rest of his life won't be spent in misery and regret. I feel for the guy.


This is why I drive like a grandma most of the time and never drink at all before driving. You can't help it if a 2 yr old runs out from parked cars and you hit them, but to forever ask yourself if those 2 beers or your speed could have made the difference would just be too much to bear. Accidents happen, but guilt can be forever.

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