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Why do you MOST want Halo 2 so bad?

Beer Monkey

Which attribute of Halo 2 has got you the most worked up?  

  1. 1. Which attribute of Halo 2 has got you the most worked up?

    • I most want to take the Halo-style gameplay ONLINE
    • Biggest selling point is continuing the offline battle against the covenant, with new campaigns and features
    • New teamplay features for local/lan fragfests
    • I'm not online/Live capable, so this is all moot

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I voted for the continuing offline battle.


I know there's a LARGE majority of people that won't even touch single player, and focus only on multiplayer. I for one am seriously considering playing single player through FIRST, then playing multi.


I find a lot of time multiplayer kills any need for me to play single player. So I'm hoping this won't be the case with Halo 2.

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I'm with you Chris! I've never been into RPG's, so this is one of the first games that for me is unfolding like a movie as I play it. Add to that the really good books, and the probable tie-in with the ILB trailer mystery, and I'm totally immersed in the Halo universe.


I'm pretty sure I will do single player first too! I may jump into multiplayer on the weekend, even if I'm not done with single player by then, because I trust the LCVG gang not to spoil the plot.

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I voted for the first choice. I really enjoy Halo 1's gameplay, but the best thing about the single-player was co-op. There is little chance that I would've completed the game without it. Smitty and I had tons o' fun on co-op. I understand that online co-op isn't confirmed, but here's hoping.


I also enjoy playing Halo in LAN battles, so a shortbus group (I'm assuming I'll need it) for Halo is something to look forward to.


And, Chris, good luck waiting 'til you complete single-player before going Live. :P

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Well, I voted for online play.


But there hasn't been a game other then Halo (though Goldeneye comes close) that has a great single player game as well as multiplayer.


I can honestly say that I'll be playing all 3 aspects of Halo 2 (online,co-op,& single player) when the game gets released. I want to know how the story ends...

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I'm one of the few that has never played a multiplayer game of Halo. Every second of gameplay has been on the single player campaign missions. I really haven't touched the offline modes in most of the Live games I have but I think that habit will be different with Halo 2.


I think my total multiplayer Halo is probably only an hour or so. You won't be the only one who doesn't have the layouts of the recycled levels memorized.

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I'm one of 2 people (so far) that voted for ''new teamplay features for local/lan fragfests."


While I finished Halo on the normal setting with a buddy, the reason my pals and I kept coming back was for the system-link play. We'd have 3 boxes hooked up to 3 tv's and play for a good amount of time. We were playing 2-4 times a week for 3-8 hours a day a few years back. It's all we played.


Which is why I'm concerned about Halo 2. Have system link specs been announced for Halo 2 yet? My pals and I would be crushed if it was just 1 person per box, which seems to be the recent trend. (IE Ghost Recon, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Rainbow Six 3.)

I'd be thrilled if the system-link settings were the same in Halo 2 as they are in Halo.


As for Live Play, I'm down. It's the big reason I signed up for Live on day 1 in the first place. If guests are allowed that'd be fantastic. I've not played an online game with all y'all LCVGers on nightly basis since back when we were reppin' the HTF with Socom. There've been games that I try to get in occasionally, like Splinter Cell, RS3 etc. but nothing quite like PSO on the DC (although PSO on Xbox came close) or Socom on PS2. Halo 2 certainly has the potential to get me hooked. I'm counting on it!

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I rank it like this:


Single player




In that order. I loved Halo single player campaign and really haven't played much multiplayer. I think one of the biggest reasons I didn't get into Halo multiplayer as much as most people is because most of my friends aren't very good at it and I would just slaughter them. It wasn't very fun. It was kind of like playing Unreal Tourneyment against bots set on low AI. :)

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