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Where can you find total sales numbers for games?

Derrik Draven

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Not legally :)


The sales data is copyrighted by the company gathering the data (usually NPD). The cost to get access to the monthly report is a few thousand dollars.


However, the monthly console sales figures are usually "leaked" in some shape or form on GamingAge's forum... Usually this just contains PS2/GC/XBox/PSX/DC sales, no GBA or PC.


What titles in particular are you interested in? Most people are shocked at the sales that some "big name" titles achieve.

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Here's the NPD site: http://www.npdfunworld.com/


They release data for free when it makes a nice press release (advertising for them) but generally you need to pay them to see the numbers.


The problem with NPD is they do not cover all retailers. They don't have access to Walmart or Toys R Us -two of the very biggest video game retailers (in fact I believe they are currently numbers 1 & 3 respectively). I always laugh when I see someone quoting NPD data as gospel when it discounts many major players.

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