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My Mozzila bookmarks gone???

Rob B

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Aug 31 2004, 03:05 PM

Maybe you accidentally switched profiles? In your Start menu, under Mozilla, is there something like Profile Manager or something? I'm using FireFox now and can't remember exactly where that profile switcher lives.

thanks but appear to have only the defult profile grrr

all the tv reaserch gone :cry:

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Bobbio and I just looked at his Profiles directory and bookmarks.html is indeed gone. I also checked Mozilla's site where they say, well, you're screwed if it disappears.


Users might want to occasionally go to Manage Bookmarks --> Export Bookmarks to back up that file.


Originally posted by Bobbio

all the tv reaserch gone :cry:


Surely there's a wealth of information on transvestism on the internet?!



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