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Recommend me a platformer?

Atomic Dog

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I think I've created a monster. A while back I started playing co-op games on the PS2 with my girlfriend. We went through Gauntlet: Dark Legacy together, now we're working through the first Baldurs Gate: DA. After watching me play Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando a few times, she decided to try it for herself. (At first she was intimidated by the thought of playing. The controls seemed complicated to her.) Well, since then she has finished R&C, and is half way through it a second time on Challenge mode. All before I managed to get through it the first time. She loves this game. She also wants to try something else along similar lines. (As do I)


She has begun playing the first R&C, and she is part way through Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. The latter she is enjoying, but she says she's stuck and doesn't think she'll get any further. (She said the same of R&C a few times too, though.) Can you suggest some fun games with a similar experience to R&C:GC? We have both a PS2 and an X Box, so either system will work.


I recently picked up Beyond Good and Evil on the X Box and think she might like this game, but at the moment she seems to be intimidated by the X box in much the same way she was the PS2 at first.




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A woman who loves Ratchet and Clank? Does she have a sister? :green:


Anyway, I do think you've gotten some good recommendations here. As far as platformers go, I think you'll find the best ones of this generation on the PS2, so you're in luck. As others have mentioned, Jak and Daxter is an excellent choice, as well as Sly Cooper. Don't forget that Sly 2 comes out in a couple of weeks. I've been keeping a close eye on it and it looks like Sucker Punch Studios is going to deliver one hell of a game. Keep an eye on it.


Jak II is also good, but it's very different from the original. Whereas Jak and Daxter followed the receipe devleoped my Super Mario 64, the sequel incorporates elements of Grand Theft Auto, Ratchet and Clank, and even a bit of Tony Hawk. It's also a very challenging game, which is something you'll want to consider when and if you buy it for her.


Finally, Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal will be released this November. I'm sure she'll enjoy that as well.

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Thanks for the suggestions, all.


As for BG&E, I got a phone call at work today from the gf asking me how to hook the x box. (Not enough optical audio ports on my receiver forces me to share connections until I can order one of those fancy schmancy pelican switchers) I do believe she is at my house right now giving BG&E a go. As I said, I may have created a monster here. Not that I have any complaints mind you. :tu:


I think I will look around and see if I can find a copy of Sly Cooper. Sounds like a fun little game!


And J. Fo, she's been axiously awaiting Up Your Arsenal for some time now. She's counting the days... :green:

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Originally posted by Bryan@Sep 1 2004, 08:55 AM



If you try those others out and find that they aren't very comfortable, try this platformer.

Haha! Nice, Bryan. I prefer to just go squat in my neighbor's garden, though. In retrobution for his cats doing the same in my yard.


On the BG&E note: When I got home from work last night, she was about an hour into the game and thoroughly engrossed. She's completely hooked on that game now, too. :twisted:

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BG&E is a great great game.


I would also recommend Sly, and Voodoo Vince like the others, and probably Jak but I haven't played that.


She also might want to try Prince of Persia. It's a little different, but a great game and she might like it.


If you can find a copy of Rayman 2 for PS2, that one is also fantastic. Rayman 3 might also be one to try, but even though I own it, I haven't touched it yet :/

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I'm going to recommend a platformer that's a little bit hard to find, but worth the effort. Kloana 2 from Namco. I picked up a copy off EBay for $23 shipping included. This is a 2.5D style platformer. Gorgeous graphics, wonderful sound, gameplay that seems eezy peezy at first, but ain't that way by the end. Very, very tough to obtain all the side objectives in the game.


My personal fave platformer this generation.

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Most of the biggies seem to have been covered by others and I wholeheartedly agree with them..So to give you a recap (of sorts) or, if you prefer, a shopping list here's what we have along with a few of my own suggestions:


1. Jak / Jak II

As people have said, Jak II is very different from Jak but well worth it!

2. Sly Cooper and presumably it's sequel due this month

3. Klonoa 2 (and if you find the first one for the PS1..grab it as well)

4. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time -- easy decision

5. Rayman 2 & 3

6. Vexx

Okay, this one had some mixed reviews, but in a "mario 64" way, I enjoyed it completely!


That should keep you gaming busy for at least awhile esp with the new R&C coming out fairly quickly as well. However, given the price of the system now, have you considered adding a gamecube to your collection? That way you have access to Super Mario Sunshine (great platformer) as well as grab the bundle with Metroid Prime and you've easily justified the $99 right there. Plus, while the gamecube is not loaded with titles, they do have some of the best.


Also, while not strictly platformers some other games to look for esp at the price you should be able to find them now:

1. ICO - mentioned, but well worth a second one

2. Mark of Kri - a game that has been criminally overlooked

3. Devil May Cry - Depends on taste, but if you like the thought of an action platformer, give it a whirl. It's not nearly as complex in it's controlls as it looks

4. Rygar - should be able to find it cheap, and well worth the price

5. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver II / Defiance (skip Blood Omen 2)

Again, brancing out a bit with this one, but they have platform "aspects" and if you two like the action adventure (ala Sphynx and BG&E), the Legacy of Kain games are easily worth a look. The dialogue alone is almost worth the price of admission.




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Damn, so many games, so little time!


I actually picked up PoP the other day from the Toys R Us sale, just haven't had time to open it yet.


Looks like we've got plenty to keep us busy for quite some time!


We're almost through Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, and I think Champions of Norrath is next on the list for the co-op gaming list. That and maybe LOTR: ROTK.


Man, may need a second job soon...

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