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Nintendo drops GBA SP to $79.99 in America


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Haven't seen this posted anywhere else yet. If it was, and I missed it, please delete.




Rob Fahey 14:00 31/08/2004

Pint-sized console drops in price ahead of the arrival of the DS


The price point of the Game Boy Advance SP is to drop to $79.99 in the United States later this week, according to sources at US retailers, with a cut in Europe expected to follow in the coming months.


The $20 cut should help to stimulate sales of the handheld device in the run-up to Christmas, but more importantly, it will position the GBA SP on the market relative to Nintendo's forthcoming DS handheld, which is set to launch in the USA later this year.


Reports last month from sources close to Nintendo Japan suggested that the DS will arrive at $179.95 in North America on November 11th; however, since then it's been suggested that the device could be even cheaper, with a $149.99 price point being mooted by some US retailers.


No equivalent European price cut has been mentioned as yet, but retail sources in the UK told us this morning that a GBA SP price cut is widely expected in the run up to Christmas, with news of the US cut driving speculation that the European cut will come sooner rather than later.

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Does anyone else think even $149.00 is a very high price for the DS? I would love to get one, but that price is no where even close to where I'd pay for it. And that's the low rumored price.? :? I will be jealous of you guys when you get your DS's :( , but I don't think I could see myself spending more than $100.


The nature of this thread means I will be squarely in the majority on this one, but does anyone else feel similarly?

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I think the SP price drop may indicate the DS price will fall on the lower side of the estimates. Dropping the price of the SP could indicate Nintendo sees the SP & DS as fighting for the same dollar. Dropping SP to their entry level price tells me the DS won't be any more than $149, maybe even $129. (which is very good because I am confident the platform would utterly fail at a $189 to $200 price point)

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Eh....after seeing that thing in action, I think $149 is a fair enough price point. anything below that would be gravy. I have been in love ever since I saw the video of Wario Ware DS, Mario 64, etc.


Now the PSP at $299 makes me cringe something fierce. I don't need to drop that much cash just to play ports of PS2 games on the go....I already have a phone and iPod so I could care less about its other features. Don't get me wrong, I'm a gamer and I'm still very interested in the PSP, but not at that price point. What really draws me into the DS though is the innovation and creativity involved.

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