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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel


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I loved Fallout and Fallout 2 and I love BG:DA and BG:DA2 when playing coop.

I tried Fallout:BOS coop with a friend and we both didn't enjoy it all that much. We kept going for 3 hours or so but it didn't really get better.

This is not a terrible game. It's just not good, either imho. I do not think it's worth 20 bucks but ymmv.

I saw threats on forums where quite a few people actually liked it. But I would recommend a rental first.

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I've played with worse but the camera in Baldurs Gate 2 and Champions of Norrath were so much better, which is unfortunate considering it's the same engine. There are good things about the game, and if you are an ut for teh fallout series in general like me, it's worth playing through at least once.

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