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Help me pick a fantasy football team


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These are the default top 25 players


1. P. Holmes

2. L. Tomlinson

3. C. Portis

4. S. Alexander

5. A. Green

6. D. McAllister

7. E. James

8. J. Lewis

9. M. Faulk

10. F. Taylor

11. R. Moss

12. K. Barlow

13. D. Davis

14. M. Harrison

15. T. Holt

16. T. Henry

17. S. Davis

18. B. Westbrook

19. R. Johnson

20. C. Dillon

21. D. Culpepper

22. P. Manning

23. H. Ward

24. T. Owens

25. M. Vick



anyone i should think of getting or dropping? Also, who do you guys think is the best defense to pick up?

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Defenses I'd take would be Baltimore,New England,Dallas or Carolina.


How many people in your league? Regardless of where you pick,(unless you are close to last) get a RB with your 1st pick. If you are close to the end & get two picks,consider a stud WR or a QB. Randy Moss & Peyton Manning come to mind.

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QB's - i only need two so i may cut or trade one of these guys

A. Brooks

D. Bledsoe

J. Delhomme

J. Garcia



E. James

F. Taylor

C. Dillon

T. Wheatey


WR - i am really hurting here, needing 3 wide outs and only have two playable ones right now

J. Horn

K. Robinson

C. Rogers - just broke his colar bone

A. Boldin - out for a few weeks

K McCardell - needs to find a team


TE - Jeremy Shockey


Kicker - D. Akers


We ended up chosing 9 defensive players, i would have rather chosen a team.

L. Arrington

Do. Edwards

J. Trotter

G. Wesley

R. Barber

J. Woods

M. Strahan

J. Sharper

K. Bulluck

and i've got tikeo spikes coming off the bench

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