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NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup


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Originally posted by FreakTornado@Sep 2 2004, 12:46 PM

I'm strangely interested in this as well, not a NASCAR fan, but for some reason I'm thinking about getting this. But Chris' point about Burnout 3 is keeping me from doing so... I'm thinking that I should just get Burnout 3, and wait until the price drops on NASCAR 2005.

One down side is that it only supports up to 4 online w/ the CPU opponents filling the rest of the spots. But that is not really where my interest lies it?s more of the career mode that interests me.


Waiting for the price drop seems like the way to go. I am just not sure I can hold out. :)


I got to say though after only shelling out $19.99 for the great ESPN titles and $34.99

for things like RS2:BA, I now find it hard to dish out $50 for most games now a days?

It?s a tough call but I think that the whole Burnout decision is a no brainier and the NASCAR would just be a bonus down the road if you can hold out of course.

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