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Final Fantasy - The Impossible Quest

Chris F

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I originally bought my PS2.


Tonight I start an impossible quest...


Tonight I start playing Final Fantasy 1, on the Final Fantasy Origins disc, in my quest to play all Final Fantasy games in order.


I have all of them, save Final Fantasy 3 (which I hope comes out on another anthology disc with Secret of Mana), and I will play them in order until I finish all of them.


I don't know how long it will take. But I WILL do it.

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How is it in final execution, Chris?


I forgot how much I loved the original FInal Fantasy. They've updated teh graphics a bit, and the music is updated as well. I don't remember too much about the game, so it's like playing a brand new game even though I beat the original like 3 times.


It's strange not having a plethora of options in a Final Fantasy game. No weird magic systems, no 5 minute long summon spells, etc.


It's gonna take me forever to do this, but I'm SO looking forward to beating them all.

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Very nice! I've got the Origins disc and have been working on Part 2. My all-time fave has to be part 6. The opera scene is so cool.


I've finished every Final Fantasy that's been released over here except Part 2 (work-in-progress) and Part 7. I made it to the last guy on 7 only to die. Never picked it up again after that.


It would be great to see Part 3 and Secret of Mana released as a bundle. Secret of Mana is one of my favorite games and it would be great to play it multiplayer again.

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Hehe, I had this exact same idea a few weeks ago. And then I realized that once I start grad school in a month... well, it'll be even more of an impossible quest. I think I ought to just stick to beating FFX before my classes start, and that'll be enough of an accomplishment for me right now. ;)

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3 hours into Final Fantasy so far. DAMN. This game is hard. My black mage has died like 8 times already.


It seems less "hand-holding" than later Final Fantasy games. I'm never quite 100% sure where I need to go. Which is a good thing, but it's throwing me off a little.


Plus my guys can only have 3 spells per level, so I'm needing to tailor my choice of spells around the needs of my party at the moment.

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I've contemplated doing this as well. It'd be cool to do this and document the whole thing. Example below:


July 10th, 2004 - Played 2 hours of FF1. Was stuck on boss X until I tried Magic R. Stopped at Point T. I liked/disliked, etc.


And do that for every day you play the games. It'd be great to look back afterwards with such detail.


Hmm... I think I'll break down and finally buy Origins so I can try this "impossible quest." :tu:

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Well, I finally ordered Origins this weekend. I'm going to begin this "impossible quest" starting on August 1st. That will give me time to finish up some games I'm currently working through. Also, I plan to document this gaming experience with "journal entries" for every day I play.

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I've been doing a bit of this myself. I finally finished FFVI a while ago, and started on FF1 when I got the Origins disc. (Even though I have a FF1 NES cartridge and NES).


On our wedding/honeymoon trip (7 days of driving - MI to Vegas, Vegas to L.A., cruise, L.A. to home). I took along a PSone and played some games using the portable DVD player screen. Mostly I played FF1 on the origins disc.


I kept getting my ass kicked pretty thoroughly. Playing Fighter, Thief, BM, White. Named them similiarly, after reading too much of the FF1 sprite comic on http://www.nuklearpower.com (recommended reading, funny). FF1 is tough!



I'm going to pick it up again this weekend. My PS2 rarely boots a PS1 game, and my Psone had a little bit of a power problem. Got it switched out for a better one today. Time to start playing again! :D

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I'll be impressed when you get to and finish Final Fantasy XI.


Ya, that might take a while. :green:


I'm going to limit this to the single player titles only though. An update as well, I received FF Origins in the mail today. A little earlier than I expected, so I might start this before my original intended date of August 1st.

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