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Any Star Ocean Impressions?


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Okay I gave in and got the game.


After an hour I can see that this will be a fun ride. The story so far is pretty good and the voice acting isn't as terrible as the reviews had led me to believe.


The battles are fought in real time and I still don't understand it completely but it seems fun.

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After an hour's worth of play, Star Ocean has landed itself at the very bottom of my "to play" stack. I'm debating as to if I should even bother considering the impending releases of Shadow Hearts 2 and SMT: Nocturne.


The character designs are perhaps the most generic I've seen in an RPG, and I don't fancy the main character's "geeky" personality. Will he turn away from the video games and develop a love interest? The suspense is killing me.


Don't even get me started on the circus crew. Sometimes I wish companies had a guy who looked over everyone's shoulder and said "That's incredibly lame, take it out" whenever stuff like this works its way into games. Is it too much to ask for sci-fi-ish characters in a sci-fi game? Hopefully with Star Ocean's tradition of having hordes of endings, there will be at least one where they die a horrible and gruesome death.



Forgot to add, the intro CG is pretty impressive and the game should have some nice scenery if it lets you visit the futuristic cities shown in it. Also, the game has progressive scan support and anamorphic 16 by 9.

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