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How do you save your game in Vietiful Joe?


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I didn't notice this thread until now, and your question has no doubt been answered by now. However, since this is Viewtiful Joe we're talking about, I can't help but chime in!


Yes, you can save at the end of a level once you've completed a boss battle. You can also save at the half-way point in a chapter. The one exception to this rule is chapter six, in which you get a re-match with the first four bosses in the game before taking on the mighty Fire Leo. There are checkpoints between each fight that allow you to power up and get supplies as needed, but you can only save once you've defeated Fire Leo. That's right five bosses without a save point. Capcom really is the devil.


Acutally, they aren't the devil. I think they just work for him. :D

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