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DSL/Router Issue


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Argh, very frustrated here.

Just signed up for the local phone providers DSL service because there was a special (telus if that helps any). The only other high speed provider i've had was cable. This DSL connection seems to limit the number of computers that can be connected and as such you must add the MAC addresses of all devices that will be connecting. (max 2)

I set up the service by simply connecting the modem to my computer's ethernet card. I now want to be able to access the internet via my wireless router.

I tried adding the Wireless MAC address given in my router's config and i've tried adding the MAC address of the wireless card on my pc itself. Neither of these seems to work however. I can't even get a wired connection from the router to work. All the proper lights are lit up on the modem and router but i'm getting nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas on where to start troubleshooting? With school being back in there's obscene wait times on tech support.


thanks in advance,


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