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Viewtiful Joe delayed


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It's only a couple of weeks though...


Capcom's upcoming action game sees a small delay.


Capcom has announced that it will be delaying the Japanese release of Viewtiful Joe from June 12 to June 26. Producer Atsushi Inaba said that the staff is working up to the last second to complete the game, but the decision to delay the game's release was made because some portions of the game were deemed unsatisfactory.


Viewtiful Joe is still scheduled for a September release in North America.


Source: Gamespot

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Well, that is rather unassuring, but at the same time "some parts" is rather vague in and of itself. I mean, that could be anything from "the menu needs gloss" to "the start button causes the Cube's memory card to erase" ;).


Mind you, the "portions" makes it sound like actual gameplay. But it literally could be anything. And we'll never know :P.

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