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Video Game Revolution

Angel P

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I thought it was well done. It covered the history of video games, the social aspects, controversies (including violence and obsession), and the future. I liked the way they had numerous interviews with people without telling you who they were until you had heard them speak a few times.


I really like the guy from MIT, he was very cogent and well-spoken, cutting through some of the gibberish of people like the woman from the anti-game violence organization (although I think it was very good to give her air-time). I also thought Sid Meier was quite well-spoken too.


One of the few things that bugged me was how they frequently would talk about a game or game system, while showing footage of a different game or system. Not a big deal, but somewhat misleading and potentially confusing.

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Originally posted by Nightwing@Sep 9 2004, 05:03 AM

I hate my VCR.


I only had one chance to record this, & the stupid thing didn't work properly.

I going to call my local PBS station,but,barring that - if anyone is willing to loan me a VHS copy please PM me.



VCR? What is that? ;)


I love my DVR since getting it a couple of months ago. I need to see when or if this will be replaying in Chicago. If not, can I score one of those DVDs? I would be happy to pay for the cost of the blank and shipping.



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Originally posted by cane corso@Sep 9 2004, 09:24 AM

I will have to check this out.


From their website - "name that game" game. It gives you a sound from a game and you guess the video game. I was 12 for 18.




Cool game. I got 16 out of 18 right.


The ones I missed were from games I never played, so I'll take it.



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I was pleased to see this aired at 9pm last night. I liked hearing Bushnell talk a bit about his way of working back in the 70s. It sounded like my job, only tamer. I'm used to sniffing blow off of various prostitute's thighs as a motivation tool, not hanging out in hot tubs. Amateurs.


I also like the discussion of videogame violence and the whether or not MMORPGs are addictive. I would have like to seen more on the systems that failed...the Jaguar, 3D0, Lynx, Game.Com, Virtual Boy, the Dreamcast (I don't know if that's a 'failure'...I love that system) and how Sony took over the market when Sega pissed off retailers with the Saturn. And so on. There's a lot of info to pack into a 2 hour show. I'm ready for a Ken Burns: Videogames mini-series.

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