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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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I hope they start with the Morrowind engine and just tighten and update it. No reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater, that game did 95% of everything correct, unfortunately even 5% in a game that open ended and freewheeling could lead to some extremely game unbalancing possibilities.


Plus if they spent less time on a new engine, they could make an even bigger world to enjoy with more of everything. Can you even imagine what that would be like? It could be the only RPG I play in the next generation :green:

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Great news! :)


I finally finished all that I'm going to see in Morrowind. Finished the main game, finished Tribunal and finished Bloodmoon. What a ride!


Logged over 400 "game days". Wish I knew how many hours that accounted for. :?


Checking out that blurb on the Elder Scrolls site about the next game, Bethsoft says that the pic on the front of the mag cover is an in game "art" shot.


Is that the same as a shot of the games real graphics? If so....DAMN!!!! :shock:

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Details from the GI article according to a GameFAQs poster (ie unconfirmed at this time):


-- There is an in-game pic that shows a knight on his steed staring in the distance with one of the most breath-taking sights I have ever seen, to detail it would be that it has the most incredibly expanse draw distance I have ever seen in a game (better than FarCry) and there are massive scale mountains that it says you can ride your horse to the very top (wonder if the horse riding is going to be 1st person or 3rd like halo, or both? either way


-- There are no specific consoles that it will be on as of right now (meaning it might change) Bethesda might have gotten the Xenon Dev kits but GI doesn?t know for sure because they were not allowed in that certain area (meaning basically they do have it) and Bethesda commented on the fact that they don?t have a dev kit for PS3 or Nintendo Revolution so they will judge the other systems based on how they play and there specs to see how they are


-- QUOTE: ?If and when Oblivion comes to PS3, there is no telling how it will look? (good or bad thing)


-- Current release date is Winter 2005


- You will be able to train with your weapons on combat dummies that physically take damage with any of the weapons in the game


-- A small bit of the weapon selection as of now is Swords, Axes, Maces, Daggers, and Bows (which implies there is more than that)


-- According to Todd Howard they are trying to make the game as appealing to mainstream gamers as possible without alienating the hardcore players that prefer more complex RPG's (maybe good or bad)


-- They say the game is very very large, but (sadly) it will be smaller than Morrowind for two reasons \/


(Stated by Todd Howard)


A. "Budgets and schedules for games will not change much while the enhanced graphics will require more development time


B. "It?s a fact that, statistically, gamers prefer shorter games, and often do not finish more involved titles


-- They go on to say that this will still be the most Expansive game on the next-gen market


-- Will be unlike the conventional RPG in which the combat outcome does not depend on the luck of ?dice rolls?


-- The damage that you dole out will be determined by your strength, your opponent?s armor, and the attack you unleash


-- Your opponents will block and dodge, so taking down an enemy is entirely on the player?s shoulders


-- To make this more mainstream appealing(?) they have made most of the tedious aspects of Morrowind fun (Lock picking, mixing potions, and forging armor for example are going to be done through a mini game of sorts and)


-- Still made for the 1st person player there are options for both 3rd person and 1st person (like Morrowind), while also saying that the "combat is visceral and bloody?, and that it is designed to recall intense swordplay seen in movies like LoTR and Brave heart. Not to mention the fact that they said, ?The combat will be every bit exiting as a FPS"


-- More than 1000 NPC?s that are all unique and full dialogue for each due to the interaction and CS's amazing capabilities


-- There are expansive forest regions that are the most breath taking of them all, if only you could see the screen, but they are packed with almost photorealistic trees and at least a thousand slivers of grass


-- CS program is slated to be included with the PC version and maybe even the Consoles if they have that sort of capability


-- All NPC's have a basic day to day schedule so they go to sleep, shop, and even if a poor guy that can?t afford food wants food enough, he will steal from some one, maybe even you




Part II




-- You can still kill anyone in sight, and Guards still come but since you are in the capital province of Tamriel (or whatever) there?s a strong difference in the way the guards react


-- The guards will pursue NPC's that have committed a crime an give them a royal ass kicking


-- Game focuses on growth of your character (you still make your own of course) and the missions can be tackled from many different ways


-- Here?s another quote "The elder scrolls games are about freedom, and oblivion takes that freedom to a whole new level ~~~ The combat is a much bigger focus than in the earlier games"


-- Characters will converse in free flowing non scripted discussions that are possible due to this new CS


-- Character animation will be among the best ever seen with facial expressions representing what they are talking about and if they hate you they will greet you with a dark scold, while if they like you you?ll get a great big smile


-- NPCS maybe even age (shows a pic of a woman, then another with a caption saying it?s the same woman but in the CS all they did is use a slider to change her age in which she looks very aged compared to the younger looking one


- This is the most capable CS so far and runs on the havok physics engine


-- GI claims it has the most realistic lighting possible


-- When you see the GI pics and can?t believe your eyes, don?t act like they are CGI or FMV, but all pics are in game


-- There is going to be a castle and from the pic it is the most astonishing screen I have ever seen


-- Takes place in Cyrodiil, here?s a quote from GI "the world of Tamriel is a beautiful place: these are, without a doubt, the most amazing graphics the console gaming world has ever seen (look better than doom from the pics I saw)


-- Oblivion will function as a "fantasy world simulator" and wants to recreate such beautiful vibrancy as LoTR, and with these graphics being the best I have ever seen I would guess they will do just that


-- Either on foot or on HORSE BACK, players can explore a huge exterior world that looks shockingly real


-- They mention the new Construction Set which has supposedly like best AI ever in which It has created and rendered most things in which after words they hand touch every thing else




Part III




-- NOTE: as I said about the NPC's earlier and how they sleep, shop and so on, here is a couple of other things they mentioned that I didn?t.... Explore, Eat, Report for work, and none of this is scripted, this is supposedly the new development CS at work

-- Attacks will be mapped to right trigger block on left for Xenon (or whatever you want to call the damn thing) hitting trigger does basic swipes, while holding the trigger down and press a direction you perform a power swing, each different direction is a different attack for both basic and power swing. And there are special attack abilities


-- Magic features 6 schools (how many Morrowind had escapes me at the moment, seeing as I haven?t played the damn thing forever) but all the ones mentioned are all in Morrowind so no new schools of magic.... yet


-- Schools of magic are

- Destruction

- Mysticism

- Restoration

- Conjuration

- Alteration

- Illusion


-- You can combine said magic for different effects and can create custom spells


-- Can join any/all of the following guilds, each with unique quests

---- > Fighters Guild

---- > Mages Guild

---- > Thieves Guild

---- > The Dark Brotherhood Guild

---- > Arena Guild

---- > The Nine Divines Guild


-- Can become the leader of every faction during the course of one game all at the same time. Unlike factions in Morrowind where you could only get in all by cheating, while in Oblivion you will be able to do all without doing anything special to the game


-- Fighters/Mages Guild = Noble (Quests like Morrowind?s)


-- Thieves Guild = Sinister (Quests like Morrowind?s)


-- Arena Guild = Focus on Gladiatorial Combat (Quests ??)


-- The Nine Divines = Religious order for Monks (?? Quests)


-- Dark Brotherhood = Sinister (?? Quests)


- Judging from pics there are some sweet monsters in store, ranging from a Sweet dragon-esc type of monster to a Minotaur that was said to look so real that it could have come from the real world and many, many others


- Over 40 types of said monsters such as goblins, skeletons, real world animals (like deer and horses which you can ride) and a very wide selection of the demons from Oblivion


- Mentions that there will be massive conventional boss battles


- And to end it all, it says you will go through subterranean dungeons, ancient ruins, cities/towns that will have you teeming with people going about their daily lives, churches, and castles


- QUOTE: "You will experience a truly living; breathing world brought to life through cutting edge technology that will power the games of tomorrow."

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Wow, I was going to post my wishlist but it looks like Bestheda is way ahead of me and is already giving most of what I was going to ask for.



Things I want and Bethsoft is adding:


At the top of my list is new physics. Decorating your house, building pillow forts, etc. were some of the most amusing parts of Morrowind. Now that aspect takes on a whole new level, and hopefully a clever "thief-type" character will be able to set up traps using various objects. I'm already seeing myself set up barrels at the top of some stairs, swipe something, and then lead an unwitting guard to his doom.


I was also hoping for better character AI and interaction. My top wish, daily routines for NPCs, is in there. We'll have to see how the interaction works out. Hopefully NPCs have more modes than "stationary" and "OMG, you touched my napkin, now I'm going to kill you". Non-scripted dialogue sounds great. In Morrowind, you really only needed to talk to a single person to get the full scoop on a town.



Other requests:


Another neat thing would be supply caravans. It might be amusing to stake out a traveling merchant and ambush him when he goes to another town.


Seasonal weather would be nice too.


Also, hopefully they'll decide to SHOW transportation this time, instead of having you get on a giant bug and instantly arrive at your location.


I'd also like the option to hire mercenaries and team up with NPCs. You could do it in a few of Morrowind's missions or by using the soultrap glitch, but I'd like it expanded on.


I think a few massive battles would be great. In Morrowind, it was pretty amusing pitting my elite army of soultrap glitched NPCs up against a gaggle of Ordinators. A few quests where you get to take some massive NPC backup into an enemy stronghold would be pretty sweet for this followup.


My last hope, and perhaps too ambitious, is that they truly do create a living, breathing world and live up to the promises that Fable broke. Plants growing/dying, an ecosystem with a food chain, etc. It would be really cool to encounter an NPC hunting MOBs out in the wilderness.


Oh, and no more DD F'n Es


My main worry is that the game will lose some of its complexity in order to be "accessable". I don't think Bethsoft will screw up though, I'm sure they know to leave the game wide open. The smaller world doesn't bug me, it would be difficult to deliver a rich experience and keep it on the same scope as Morrowind.


Looks like the sequel to this generation's best RPG is well on its way to greatness.

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Mentions that there will be massive conventional boss battles


I can feel the eyes rolling over at the Morrowind forums at ttlg.com!


Pretty much everything I read there is what I wanted for the sequel. Hell, I'm just happy that they are putting in npc scheduling. That goes a very long way to making a world feel real, instead of the "move back and forth" motion of the characters in Morrowind. The worst are the ones that just stand there...forever!


I missed out on the first 2 Elder Scrolls games. However; Morrowind/Tribunal/Bloodmoon has made me a fan.


Looks like I'm now going to join the ranks of those that waited and waited for Morrowind to finally come out. Can't wait to see what Oblivion is like!!!! :tu:



I looked into the name, Oblivion, in Elder Scrolls mythology and came up with this:


It is improper, however customary, to refer to the denizens of the dimension of Oblivion as ?demons.? This practice probably dates to the Alessian Doctrines of the First Era prophet Marukh -- which, rather amusingly, forbade ?trafficke with daimons? and then neglected to explain what daimons were.


It is most probable that ?daimon? is a misspelling or etymological rendition of ?Daedra,? the old Elven word for those strange, powerful creatures of uncertain motivation who hail from the dimension of Oblivion. (?Daedra? is actually the plural form; the singular is ?Daedroth.?) In a later tract by King Hale the Pious of Skyrim, almost a thousand years after the publication of the original Doctrines, the evil machinations of his political enemies are compared to ?the wickedness of the demons of Oblivion... their depravity equals that of Sanguine itself, they are cruel as Boethiah, calculating as Molag Bal, and mad as Sheogorath.? Hale the Pious thus long-windedly introduced four of the Daedra lords to written record.


But the written record is not, after all, the best way to research Oblivion and the Daedra who inhabit it. Those who ?trafficke with daimons? seldom wish it to be a matter of public account. Nevertheless, scattered throughout the literature of the First Era are diaries, journals, notices for witch burnings, and guides for Daedra-slayers. These I have used as my primary source material. They are at least as trustworthy as the Daedra lords I have actually summoned and spoken with at length.


Apparently, Oblivion is a place composed of many lands -- thus the many names for which Oblivion is synonymous: Coldharbour, Quagmire, Moonshadow, etc. It may be correctly supposed that each land of Oblivion is ruled over by one prince. The Daedra princes whose names appear over and over in ancient records (though this is not an infallible test of their authenticity or explicit existence, to be sure) are the afore-mentioned Sanguine, Boethiah, Molag Bal, and Sheogorath, and in addition, Azura, Mephala, Clavicus Vile, Vaernima, Malacath, Hoermius (or Hermaeus or Hormaius or Herma -- there seems to be no one accepted spelling) Mora, Namira, Jyggalag, Nocturnal, Mehrunes Dagon, and Peryite.


From my experience, Daedra are a very mixed lot. It is almost impossible to categorize them as a whole except for their immense power and penchant for extremism. Be that as it may, I have here attempted to do so in a few cases, purely for the sake of scholastic expediency.


Mehrunes Dagon, Molag Bal, Peryite, Boethiah, and Vaernima are among the most consistently ?demonic? of the Daedra, in the sense that their spheres seem to be destructive in nature. The other Daedra can, of course, be equally dangerous, but seldom purely for the sake of destruction as these five can. Nor are these previous five identical in their destructiveness. Mehrunes Dagon seems to prefer natural disasters -- earthquakes and volcanoes -- for venting his anger. Molag Bal elects the employment of other daedra, and Boethiah inspires the arms of mortal warriors. Peryite's sphere seems to be pestilence, and Vaernima's torture.


In preparation for the next instalment in this series, I will be investigating two matters that have intrigued me since I began my career as a Daedra researcher. The first is on one particular Daedroth, perhaps yet another Daedra prince, referred to in multiple articles of incunabula as Hircine. Hircine has been called ?the Huntsman of the Princes? and ?the Father of Man-beasts,? but I have yet to find anyone who can summon him. The other, and perhaps more doubtful, goal I have is to find a practical means for mortal men to pass through to Oblivion. It has always been my philosophy that we need only fear that which we do not understand -- and with that thought in mind, I ever pursue my objective


I wonder how much of this info will be infused into the game? Maybe some of those "boss battles" will be with the demon princes???

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Originally posted by FutureVoid@Sep 12 2004, 02:00 AM

-- QUOTE: ?If and when Oblivion comes to PS3, there is no telling how it will look? (good or bad thing)

All it says to me is they've not seen a devkit yet, and since we can't believe a word of Sony hype there's no telling how powerful (or otherwise) it will be, any estimate of what Bethesday (or anyone else) will be able to do on it is pointless.

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pre-release screen shots? I'll have to bring my extra large grain of sand for this one. But it should be in 1080i and gorgeous. Just how gorgeous we'll have to wait and see.


There's just never been anything like Morrowind. Although I didn't get completely hooked by it, I can't wait to see what Betheseda does to top it in part IV.

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Not sure yet if this is the game that'll get me an XBox 2. The only time I bought a console for one game was the Dreamcast when SoulCalibur came out.


However I liked what Morrowind had to offer (I didn't have 200 hours to play it, unfortunately), so I might change my mind. It's too early in the year to even talk about it yet and the only othe game on the XBox 2 I'm even aware of is Dark Sector and I have 38,654,720 first-person shooters already.

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Take Two is now co-publishing the game through it's brand new 2K Games Label. They also have a separate agreement with Bethesda Softworlds to co-publish thier horror themed FPS Call of Cthulu. You can take a read of the deal here:


Take Two to co-publish Oblivion


Today, Take-Two announced it has landed another flagship title for its new subdivision. In a joint statement with Bethesda Softworks, the company unveiled an agreement to co-publish The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion under the 2K Games brand. The follow-up to the bestselling Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (and its expansion), will again feature a sprawling 3D world full of magical monsters and treacherous quests. The game will be set after the events of Morrowind, and is further explained in our Q&A with the game's producer, Todd Howard.
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