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So who remembers the original Berserk game "Sword of the Berserk: Guts Rage"? Yeah it was somewhat shallow and not at all lengthy but it was also fun as hell, featured some wonderful voice acting and still to this day looks beautiful! It appears as though Sammy is making a new game based on the Berserk anime (of which my wife and I are fans) and a new trailer has been revealed. Take a peek and enjoy!


Berserk Trailer


Looks really damn good eh!?

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GreenMonkey, if you haven't checked out the manga, you should do so. I think the anime only covers through book 12 or 13 of the manga (don't remember exactly). I think Kentaro Miura is up to book 27 or 28 now. As with Akira, there's MUCH more that happens in the manga after the anime ends (much of which looks like it's in this game! ;))


There are six new trailers currently on the front page of gametrailers.com. My favorite one is probably this one:




Short but sweet, showing off a bit of the gameplay and HUD in the beginning. Nice. And the music is awesome, btw!

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Berserk was one of my first introductions to the DreamCast system. While I loved that game and IMHO the long cut scenes were awesome and gave me a full view a lot of things in the game, it was also my first introduction to BCA. ( BCA= Bad Camera Angles )


The main problem I had was in the later part of the game, you have to run down this corridor and there are pillars either crashing down around you, or shooting up from the floor. I can't remember which right now, but the camera angles were so bad that 75% of the time, you could not see 1) where you were going 2) what was in the scene 3) your character at all because he was behind some pillar that was blocking the entire view.


This was the only bad experience I had with the DC version. I loved it and it is one of the few games I have been able to finish from start to end on the DC. I have seen the box set of the anime and been soooooooooo tempted to pick it up to see how much more to the story there is.

I just might have to do so now.

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