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Halo at parties


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So far this year since moving in with Jay I threw two parties. All we played at both parties was Halo.


Granted, I had a blast, and at one point we had 10 people playing at the same time on 4 TV's. But now that I'm by myself and I'm able to look at this obscenely huge videogame collection I've amassed, I see assloads of party games that barely EVER get touched. Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Monkey Ball 2, Burnout 2 (and 3), Amplitude, Soul Calibur II, Bomberman Generation, Bomberman Jetters, Chu-Chu Rocket, Worms Armageddon, DOA 3, Champions of Norrath... the list goes on.


And every time I visit my friend Frank to wwatch WWE pay-per-views, the only game we play before the show starts is Halo.


Anyone else have the same problem I do or is it me? Do I need new friends? Do I need to feed my copy of Halo to the dog? How much worse is it gonna be on November 9th?


Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated so I get some assurance that it isn't just me...

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You guys don't want to play Super Smash Bros. Melee? Yep, you need some new friends. :D


Honestly, I don't know what to tell you. It depends on your group of friends, I guess. The people I know don't like playing Halo multiplayer for two reasons: A) they're mouse and keyboard snobs who refuse to play a FPS with a controller, or B) they just don't want me to kick their ass. And believe me, I do kick their ass without fail.


That said, my friends and I do enjoy the Nintendo party games quite a bit, including the Mario Party series, Mario Kart, Super Monkey Ball and Super Smash Bros.. If we feel like oogling some boobies for a while, we'll throw in some DOA. Like I said, it depends on your friends and what they enjoy.


In summation, do not feel the need to feed your copy of Halo to the dogs. In fact, I highly encourage you to not feed it to any animal of any sort (and in particular Robot Monkeys, which I hear get terrible gas after eating Xbox games). Keep it and enjoy it for many years to come. But do get some new friends. ;)

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The few "gaming friends" I have are more into the likes of Ghost Recon & Rainbow Six, and occasionally Halo, but very rarely. One time they fired up Timesplitters 2, I whipped their butts at it bigtime (and had never played it before), and it's never been seen since. They just aren't into anything "cutesy" or abstract.

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