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Shadow of the Colossus - From the makers of "Ico"

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Holy cow does this look good! I can't wait to see some videos and hear more info. Hopefully in a couple weeks after the Tokyo Game Show...


Official site:






It's not a direct sequel, but more of a "spiritual successor".


It's an action game in which you have to fight huge statues. You, the girl and the horse are the only living things on earth, and you must look after them.


Gameplay will consist of trying to catch the giants and then climb them. You'll then have to find weak points to attack them, but the surface of the giant can be maze-like, so the game is part action, part puzzle.


It will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show on September 24, and will be released in 2005.


Another small article:



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Great find!


So wondeful to see the same level of quality art direction being infused into the game as Ico (if not moreso). Interested to see how the horse-riding mechanic works as well (on rails? Manually controlled?). Will the game be heavy on exploration or are they going for a more action oriented premise this time around?

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IGN has some new information about Wanda and the Colossus. Specifically, they detail some of the finer gameplay elements and give you an idea of what you will be doing this game:


The Colossus creatures come to life once the player has touched them. By pushing the R1 button, the player can cling to the Colossus creature. The player must climb the creature in order to find a weak point and attack it using the attack button.


On example, shown in a video demonstration of the game, has the main character facing off against a sword-bearing colossus. The creature thrusts its sword down into the ground, giving the main character a chance to climb up the sword, make his way to the creature's head and strike. This isn't as simple as it sounds, as once the character has latched onto the creature, the ride becomes a bit bumpy.


Okay, that's a cool idea that I haven't seen before in a game. I can't wait to try it out. For those of you wondering, the process of climbing the beasts and finding their weak spot is not as easy as it sounds. It will involve a good deal of puzzle solving to figure out where to climb and where the weak spot is. Again, that's just totally f-ing cool!


Also of note, is producers Kenji Kaido's explanation for doing this game instead of making a direct sequel to ICO:


Obviously, this game is, regardless of how far you stretch your imagination, not a sequel Ico. Kaido justified his team's decision to not make a sequel to the much loved game, stating "When we finished Ico (the Japanese version), we of course had to think about our next production. Normally, there would be talk of a sequel, but here, there was some opposition to that, along the lines of Ico being more than complete both in terms of gameplay and story, thus making production of a sequel very difficult, and also questions about whether users actually wanted a sequel. After much consideration, we decided to try a new game."


Honestly, I would love to see a true sequel at some point, but I applaud them for not taking the safe route. It's all too common in the gaming industry to produce a product with name recognition that you know will sell. I'm happy to see this team is working on creating something new and unique rather than something we've played before. As I said though, I would still love to see a direct sequel to ICO. Maybe they'll answer that request with the Playstation 3.

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I don't have any such substances to offer. I do, however, have this aluminum baseball bat. If you like, I could just smack you over the head with it and knock you out. When it looks like you may regain consciousness, I'll just give you another whack. Pray this game doesn't get delayed too often.

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I would still love to see a direct sequel to ICO. Maybe they'll answer that request with the Playstation 3.


I hope so too! Actually, I was hoping that this would be a direct sequel but, I'll definitely be picking up anything the Ico team is making.


Shootin' from the hip, I think it might be easier to tell a prequel to Ico than a sequel since well....we all know what happened at the end of Ico.

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Eurogamer has an article here with comments that Fumito Ueda and Kenji Kaido have been revealing to the Japanese press about Wanda... I'm not sure that there is much more that the IGN article did not cover mind you.


According to Ueda, the basic idea is to have the player "fighting a giant enemy", and by the sound of it the game is founded more or less solely on that principle. Rather like ICO, it begins with silent procession - the path of a young hero on horseback as he brings the lifeless body of a young girl who's lost her soul to a shrine over a giant bridge. Having deposited her on an altar inside, he's told by a voice from the heavens that the key to returning her to life is to defeat the giant beasts that stalk the land.


Also rather like ICO, it's a lonely experience - and the relationship between the boy and the girl is distinctly, perhaps deliberately, ambiguous. With the girl lying motionless in a shrine and nobody around to talk to about it, our hero and his horse are left to soldier on without any sort of emotional release. "The horse is like Ico's Yorda," Ueda told Japanese journos. "In addition to being the main character's companion, he has a supporting role in battle."


Click the link above for the full article.



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Nice. Very nice. The giants are smaller than I had expected, though. I was under the impression / hope that they would be huuuuge and you would have an entire city-like structure in which to adventure to eventually bring it down. Seems like this will be a faster-paced experience than ICO. Still too early to tell, but that's what it seems.


Looks fantastic, though.

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