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Halo 2 survival kit

Jeff W

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I reserved at a Gamestop, I'm not sure what their plans will be as far as opening early/staying open late but if they don't release the game at midnight and make me wait until the morning of the 9th a friend and myself were considering spending the night outside the store to be first. 8)


As far as an actual survival kit goes, it'll probably consist of a couple cases of Mountain Dew and enough sugary snack cakes to kill an elephant.

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I'm taking 3 days off.


Since I will be playing during the day, my wife is actually constructing me some blackout drapes that will allow me to totally darken our living room. Normally, our living room is flooded with sunlight during the day.


Plus she's already given me permission to totally crank it up. I want to get it loud enough to where the gunfire actually approximates the decibles of real gunfire, and give the subwoofer a little more punch than its normal setting. I usually only get to turn it this loud when no one else is home.


She's a peach!




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You might want to consider this instead Bug. Although I do like the IV bag full of beer. Then again, it'll get warm to quick. I know I'll be stcking up on Reese's, microwave popcorn and Bawls for my nights of Halo. Thankfully the gas station that's a block away jsut started carrying Bawls and their price is the same as if I had ordered from by the case from Thinkgeek. On second thought, screw the Reese's, we just had a Krispy Kreme open in town and it has a 24 hour drive through. Sweet!!

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The Stadium Pal looks like a nice alternative although all those Reese's, microwave popcorn, and Krispy Kreme's aren't going to be exiting in a liquid form if you know what I mean, I don't want to have to break for anything if I don't have to. 8) If you guys hear anything funny over the headset just ignore it ok?


Never had Bawls, never even seen it anywhere around here, Jolt is probably about as close as I can get and even thats kind of hard to find.



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