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Getting Xbox Nation (Magazine) for cheap

Beer Monkey

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Last night I mentioned (when playing Burnout 3) on Live that I managed to procure a cheap XBox Nation subscription for cheap. It seems there is some interest, so I am posting here. The cheap subscription sellers are on eBay.


I know some of you have managed to get free subs, but I seem to keep arriving late for a complimentary sub, but there are still great deals out there.


I bought about six subscriptions (XBN, Forbes, Kiplinger's, Razor, Spin, etc) from the eBay seller that I found, and everything has arrived as ordered.


I bought from buy-n-sellinator, but there are others. Just search eBay for 'XBN subscription', or 'XBox Nation subscription'.


Deals abound like:


3 yrs for 12.95

1 yr for 2.99

1 yr for 5.99 plus bonus Maxim sub


You can also get OXBM cheap, but the cheapie subs come without the disc...pretty much the only reason for buying that mag.

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Keep on eye on slickdeals.net. I get a bunch of mags for free and XBN is one of them. I picked this up as a freebie this spring and I think I'm good till May of 2006. Usually a chance at it every couple of weeks. Just make sure to use a through-away email account, those things generate tons of spam.

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My sub just expired, so I'll give that a shot - thanks!


As a sidenote, my sub was directly through XBN, and when it came time to renew, they tried to automatically renew and charge my card without telling me. Thankfully, the card was closed. I certainly don't remember anything about auto-billing me, but I don't have my original email or receipt to prive it. :(

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