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Xbox controller, PC games


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Just wondering. I go to LAN parties with friends every now and then, and of course get spanked because it's been years since I've played on a mouse/KB interface. I don't want to turn this into a console vs. PC or controller vs mouse/KB fight, I've seen plenty of those in the past :) But I'm wondering if there is any way to hook up an Xbox controller to a PC and use it as the input device for PC games? Barring that, are there any game controllers that have a similar control layout? Specifically, the dual thumbsticks with movement/strafing on one and looking/aiming on the other. That's the way Halo was set up, and that's the way I set up every FPS I play on the Xbox (assuming the specific game allows customizing the controller, of course).


The thing is, I know I'm not going to build/buy a PC that'll be a gaming machine, I already have several addictions to occupy my time and money. However, I do enjoy going to these LAN parties (my friends let me share time on one of their PCs). If I could find a way to play the game using a control scheme that I'm familiar with, I'm pretty sure I'd do much better.




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Right here:


Logitech Dual Action Gamepad


I just bought this about a month ago to replace my Dual Analog Fire Pro that went out on me. The profiling software works well, its got a dual analog setup and it feels remarkably like a Playstation 2 Dual Shock/Controller S pad in feel/ergonomics. The build quality is also excellent. The pad will run you about 20 bucks at a local gamestore. Give it a whirl.


As far as as Xbox controller to PC hookup:






There's two solutions you may want to look at.

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Cool, thanks a lot guys. I should have figured that I'm not the first one to think of this :)


The Logitech - does it support pushing down on the thumbsticks? I've got my brain wired to have sniper zoom and crouch set to those two :) I couldn't find anything about that on that page.

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