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Mizuguchi (producer of Rez) has new games for the PSP (Lumines) and DS (Meteos)

Romier S

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For those interested (which should be all of you!) Mizuguchi-san will be unveiling his latest game (since his departure from Sega) at this years TGS. As a membership card-holding fan-freak of both Rez and Space Channel, this is very very good news!




I'll try and be around the TGS hall as much as I can. I should be right beside my game, so please don't hesitate to talk to me if you see me there. And of course, please tell me what you think about the game."
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Between this and Wanda, the TGS has me really excited this year!


I'm hoping this is the "pseudo-sequel" to Rez he hinted at:




GS: Are you interested in portable devices?


TM: Yes, I think my next game will be for the PSP or Nintendo DS.


GS: Will that be Rez 2?


TM: In my mind, yes. But I won't use the Rez name because that belongs to Sega.

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I won't mind the similarities either, as long as the music is good (which it apparently is). The placement of the blocks in the game affect the music in real-time (like a sequencer). Cool stuff.


Also, Mizuguchi has said that this game isn't his "baby". It just happens to be the first game his company is showing. I'm still buying it, though... ;)

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Some good bit of news for those waiting on Lumines. Ubisoft is apparently working out the US release rights and the game should hopefully launch with the PSP in the US. If that doesn't whet your apetite enough, Gamespot recently posted some more gameplay videos here . You can take a look at one right here:


Lumines (PSP)


Yeah, I'll have a PSP at launch just for this. :drool


Here is the news article on Ubisoft publishing:


Ubisoft publishing in US?


It appears that Lumines, a PSP puzzle game previously available only in Japan, may be headed to North America. According to online retailer GameStop.com, the title has been picked up by Ubisoft and will be available in March.


Ubisoft was unable to offer an official confirmation, but a staffer there did say the company would "likely make an announcement next week."


Not to be outdone, Q Entertainment also recently delayed it's DS title Meteos to the end of February in Japan. You can take a look at some nifty info on the game (another puzzler) and a few cool screenies right here:


Meteos for the Nintendo DS

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Tokyopia has a nice interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi talking about Lumines and Meteos, among other things. One of the sections that caught my eye:


TOKYOPIA: You are definitely working towards a US release for Lumines but you can't announce anything yet?



TOKYOPIA: Good, I know a lot of people will personally be very happy about that.

MIZUGUCHI: I hope so.


TOKYOPIA: A lot of owners of Lumines have asked a question about versus mode. Basically, it is very very hard! Why is there no continue in versus mode?

MIZUGUCHI: *laughs* I'm not sure.


TOKYOPIA: You should put it in for the US version.

MIZUGUCHI: Hmmm, we will have to think about that.


It made me wonder if the US version of Lumines will be different, and how much so? I REALLY hope that they don't touch the music. Also interesting is how he says "Meteos is kinda like Missile Command." Hmm...

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Hmm, I hope they fix those bugs, as well. Things are looking good, though. G4 has a bit of info on the US release of Lumines, stating that the loading times are improved, and there will be new skins.!




Promisingly, Ubisoft has also confirmed that there will be refinements to the US release of the game, including faster loading times and ?skin? (or stage) changes.


Hopefully they only added to the number of skins, and didn't get rid of any.

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Good news for Lumines:




Import watchers worried what those "changes" might be to the adored musical tracks included in the Japanese game should have their fears allayed -- Ubisoft has no intentions of removing any of the Japanese music or adding American pop outfits to our version. It is still not entirely clear how these changes affect the gameplay or design of the US edition, but we have confirmed with Ubisoft that plans are for all the music from the Japanese version to be included. Screenshots released by Ubisoft of the game show tracks from Mondo Grosso and Eri Nobuchika, so unless somebody mixed up the Japanese and the US-edition shots, everything everybody loved about Lumines in Japan is in again.


[ED.NOTE - We originally reported that skins would be randomized in the US edition, but producers have contacted us since to clarify that this is not necessarily the case, and that more challenging skins are still placed further in the game for only expert players to unlock. We will be in further contact with the company and the development team to find out exactly what changes have been made for the US edition.]


But what is up with the cover art?




"Puzzle Fusion"? I think the Japanese cover looks so much nicer. Still, with them not changing the game, I'm definitely sold.

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Not only do we get Lumines at the end of March but Meteos (Q Entertainment's DS game) has also just gone gold:


Meteos gone gold!


The game is due in stored on March 10th. It's funny' date=' I went out and bought a DS and I just realized that with my purchase of Meteos, I will only own puzzle games on the system so far. :o[/quote']


Sweet! I'll be picking that up...

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