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Top 25 Played Xbox Live games Worldwide


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Xbox.com has posted the latest Top 25 played xbox live games worldwide .


Im not surprised Rainbow 6:BA and Counterstrike are in the top 3 as more people play shooters them sports games.


What does surprise me is that ESPN Football came in 2nd and is 2 spots above madden. Also ESPN Hockey is in the top 10. Last years didnt even come close.


NCAA football and Nascar are pretty far down the list for new releases expecially in the U.S.. Burnout in 5th U.S.



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These are the top 25 Xbox Live games based on the number of gamers playing ?em. This list will be updated weekly, so check back each week to see what?s hot.


So the chart is based on the number of players this week, not cummulitive or anything. So it's a "buzz chart" - what's currently hot.

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