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Rallisport Challenge 2 DLC next week


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From Rudeboy:


It'll definitely be on Monday.


Thanks for waiting patiently. The thing that took the longest was so so minor, but these are the things we must deal with when working with licensed cars.


Still unclear as to what the content will be, but it looks like some new cars are on the way!



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Hmm, I think the SUVs are interesting enough & have a distinct feel compared to the other classes but, after driving them, the 2 vintage cars are honestly very dull, and that's coming from someone who likes old Saabs.


I appreciate the new skins & two new career events, especially seeing as how they're free.

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Think they could have any slower cars for DL? The SUV's are at least different from the other stuff on the game. But the classic cars are so slow i felt like going to sleep after playing burnout ;) The new Single stuff is excellent, as are all the new skins. Glad to see some stuff to help extend the game. Just wish the cars were a bit faster for this type of game, unless you always play on short tracks



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Yeah, I thought those old cars were pretty damn slow too, and I like the original "classic" cars from the game.


The SUV's are kinda cool. I like the VW better than the BMW.


I think it would've been cooler to have put in a Chevy Silverado Z71, or a Ford F150, than the 2 super old cars.


The hillclimb career is VERY cool, imho. The hill climbs, for whatever reason, have been my favorite tracks, even in the 1st Rallisport.

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