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Hey i been a member for over a year now

Rob B

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I was just noticeing that when I changed my avatar today, that I been a member for over a year.


I Joined on sep 10th 2003 and boy have I learnd alot.


1. That Xbox is a great system and finaly bought one.


2. That you need a head set to play SCPT


3. That playing online with you all is a fun exp.


4. people here are willing to teach you how to play games online like ringwraths help with espn2k5


5. Riding the short bus can be nice


6. Halo IS a great game


7. T&R on Legendary truly sucks balls.


8. Playing though a game before starting a new one makes possable to finsh it.


9. "low press" games are great, for example Beyond good and evil


10. there are a lot of ass hats on live that leave games if they are losing


11. That you need to have a router and not a hub :bang: if you want to have XBL and two puters hooked up to you modem


12. That LCVG IS a mature atmsophere with no system basihing or trolls


so in a nut shell its been a good year and I know more will follow.

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