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Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


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Ripped from RPGfan.com




As the company previously hinted, a new Final Fantasy VII-related title featuring Final Fantasy VII's Vincent Valentine has been in development for some time. The PlayStation 2 RPG Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII will take place one year after the events of the upcoming DVD movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.


RPGfan has a link to Squarenet - they've got a japanes magazine scan to check out.



Hopefully it doesn't suck. FFX was pathetically easy (although it had a good story and a good battle/XP system). FFX-2 was so cheesy girly I didn't even get it (although I was considering it for $10 @ ebgames.com)



As a side-note (offtopic). Dragon Quest VIII is confirmed for November in Japan. That's what I'm waiting for! :D

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Not buying, but will probably end up renting. I heard the US version is a marked improvement over the Japanese release but not apparently to the point of being a game entirely worth buying. I was most disappointed to hear that the story in the game was poor which is ashame.

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I finished Dirge last night, rented it, and 10 hours later it?s over. It?s not a terrible game, but it?s far from great. I?m a FFVII fan, and wanted to see what it was all about, more about the story then anything else. The game play is very run of the mill. I simply can?t believe how many crates, barrels, and key cards are in this game.


The worst offense is actually the cut-scenes? the in game engine will show 90% of what has to be 100 cut scenes. You would literally shoot 8 guys, get a cut scene, shoot 4 more, repeat? even in the middle of a boss fight, things would stop, it loads a 10 seconds cut-scene, loads the game back.. it really, really broke the flow of the game. The actual CGI movies were outstanding, the quality was as good as FF:AC, and of course, that?s when you see Cloud, Tifa, and the gang. The story was pretty good, follows Vincent, from the Turks, to Jenova, and many other references to FFVII.


If you have a long weekend, this is a decent rental, but I would never spend full price for this game, even being a die-hard FFVII fan.

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Green Monkey - I was going to mention Tobal 2 and Einhander - but I suppose you did say "almost" :)


Having said that - I started playing this game for a few hours yesterday (borrowed a co-worker's copy who finished it last week) and so far I have to agree almost 100% with everything Grumpy Elf has said about the game. The sad thing is, that the game is actually very close to being quite good - but just misses the mark which is fairly disappointing. I expect I'll probably finish up the story mode in the next day or two (yup - that short) - and I'll poke around with the extra missions that are in the menu and apparantly become available after completing the main game to see what that's all about. After that I may even consider picking it up for the collection when it hits the $20 mark (just because I do like the FFVII stuff that much) - but I really can't see spending more on this title than that.

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