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Whatever Happened to the Bandwidth Wars?


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Todd's awesome UL speed post in the Halo discussion reminded me....


I seem to recall some articles or maybe it was just rumors that the major ISP's were about to engage in a Bandwidth War, each upping their UL/DL offerings to the masses in an effort to 1 up the competition?


Has anyone heard anything about this? Can we still expect it in the near future?




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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Sep 16 2004, 02:10 PM

We did get a Comcast upgrade to 256 up, and now I'm seeing the difference since the old Linksys router was replaced.

Comcast gave you 256 up because all ATTBI customers they acquired already had it. They have since doubled the DL from 1500 (1800 cap) to 3000 (3300 cap). In July Comcast changed their home networking package to make it a hardware upgrade only. They began offering 4000/384 for $10 more which I have upgraded to. There are rumors of a 6-7Mbps tier but nothing concrete has been revealed.


The bandwidth wars are coming but it will take time. There are still some people who have no broadband options while most have only one. Once people have a choice between several providers it will create a more competitive environment.

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When the dot.com bubble burst, most of the extra venture capital for infrastructure type upgrades disappeared. don't mean the comcasts and AT&Ts, more like the Netzero and smaller players got squashed.


It's still coming, but was delayed for lack of greedy money. The real question is how much more do people really want? Once a DVD can stream over the internet, I doubt 85% of broadband users would desire more (for at least a couple years.)

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