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Bioware takes steps into the future.

Romier S

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Found this report on Yahoo:


Bioware licenses Unreal 3 technology.


A team has apparently been put to work on Biowares' next original intellecutal property. These guys have been busier than ever lately. I can somewhat understand why they handed off development of KOTOR 2 and Neverwinter 2 to Obsidian. I'm also glad to see them branching out and developing thier own IP's. Jade Empire is already impressive as hell, the mind boggles at what they are coming up with next.

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New Q&A with Bioware available on IGN. Talks about the licensing of the Unreal 3 engine as well as up and coming games and the development of their own next engine.


Read it here:




(Unfortunately most of it reads like a press release instead of an interview but us Bioware freaks will take anything we can get. ;) )

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