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The Apprentice


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The episode last night was one of the better one's yet, between both seasons so far. Or should I saw the board room meeting was probably one of the best yet. Brad made quite possible the second worse decision in TV history, right after the one network decided to preempt a football game with Heidi.

Trump was trully right in firring his A$$

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Yeah I watch this. That was truly a terrible decision for dude to mouth off about how great he was, and give up his immunity. Boy, his demeanor went from super-confident to squirming and nervouse really quickly, didn't it?


It's a good show. I guess it would be boring if they did this, but I wish the outcomes would rely more on real business acumen. I mean, pick any 18 shmoes off the street, and they are going to come up with the same ideas. I want to see a task in which a real business hotshot could show his/her stuff.




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I dunno, I wouldn't have thought of the restaurant thing ;).


Maybe it just shows the lack of acumen of these so-called businesspeople :P.


I'm trying not to get into this show, I really am, but after last week's hilarious opener (who the hell thought Crustacean Nation was a GOOD name?) and this week's ice cream throwdown (again, I laughed when Mosaic essentially strongarmed two Dunkin' Donuts out of their entire stock) it's going to be hard.


It makes a great compliment to my Survivor watching, especially with The Amazing Race wrapping up on Tuesday night.

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LOL, strongarming the Dunkin Donuts was hilarious. But that was a total screw up too. They should have hit up a BJ's or Sams club, Bought in Bulk and saved on margin.


With the business acumen how much can you possible do in two days though, the tasks fit more to the timming of things. Also the task show where people have difficiencies in dealing with more real world decisions than having people showing off what they learned from Books and professors. Take for instance the girl who is on the guys team. She was clueless last night. She couldn't sell a cheeseburger to an Ethiopian. And when she was asking all about the workings of a ice cream plant. She was applying all the step by steps of business analysis and planning to see how ice cream was made, but that had nothing to so with anything last night. They just needed to sell ice cream, and she never realized that.

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