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Anybody for Live gaming tonight (8/22)?


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I'm itchin' to play some Live tonight. I have a limited set of Live games, but at the moment I'm craving some old-fashioned MM3 action, or I'd be down with trying my first online Outlaw Volleyball game, even MotoGP2, which I haven't touched in months.


I'm a left-coaster here, so I wouldn't be on until about 7pm Pacific.

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Yeah, well...when was the last time Philly went to the Super Bowl?



TOOOOO long :(


Look Cal, our Eagles are so confident they decided to give your Patties the first 10 points. Thats pretty generous of them :roll:


How about that field? thats all I got to say about that, what a field :?

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Sorry I haven't been on that much the past few days. The parental units have a friend visiting, and I'm pretty anti-social with their friends, so I've been avoiding the living room and my Xbox.


He'll be gone on SUnday though (I hope) and I should be back on then.



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