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Kryptonite Bike Locks picked with pen cap!


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I was going to post this too. I've heard from a friend who rides a lot that there's been a big upswing in bike thefts here in SF recently, and this might be why.


this afternoon at work we were trying to do this on a co-worker's lock, but we couldn't get it to work...we even used a Bic pen, but it had to be forced in and I think that's why it wouldn't work.


Kryptonite is offering a free upgrade to a corrected version on their site, but only for those who bought locks since 2002, and only if you can prove that.

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Funny story.

the other day i was at london drugs and when i went to unlock my bike (U-Lock, but not kryptonite) a pin fell out of the lock and then my key wouldn't work. So i tried to fit the pin back in, but it didn't work. So i'm sitting here with my bike locked up and no way to get my bike.

So I call the locksmith, he says it'll cost 40bucks for them to come plus whatever it costs to bust the luck or whatever. plus he says they won't be able to get there for like 3hours.

So I call the police. They tell me about this kryptonite story, and they say if that doesn't work to just hit it with a hammer. I think he's an idiot, but then I see the story in the paper so I go buy a bic pen. It doesn't work, probably because I don't actually have a kryptonite lock and the diameter of the hole is different.

So I borrow a hammer from london drugs and start hammering away at the thing, people are walking by and staring but no none says anything. And the hammer does, as expected, nothing.

So I call the cops back and they give me the number of the fire station. I call them and they ask for my address and say they'll be over there right away. So i'm waiting outside with my girlfriend when we hear sirens. We're like, that's just a coincidence there's no way they're sending a fire truck. We were just expecting someone in a car or something.

So the firetruck turns into the parking lot we're in with the sirens going and I say "well, there must be a fire in London Drugs because there's no way that's for us."

so 4 firemen come out of the firetruck with bemused smiles on my face.

ah shit. i feel like such a freaking idiot.

So eventually after three of them try they're finally able to chop the lock with bolt cutters. But since it took three guys that's plenty of time for a small crowd to gather around. Some old guy says he's going to buy that lock it must be good. i reply, "well not really, it's a piece of shit that won't unlock."


so i guess we're going to go buy a new bike lock today, and it won't be a kryptonite

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